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3D Ultrafiltration Mask

filtration 0.1μm

BFE>98.8%   PFE>99%   VFE>99%

Keep away from the threat of splashing bacteria and pollen
Strong Protection
NELSON & TTRI Laboratory certification
Bacterial filtration rate of 98.8%
Deodorant fiber
Special deodorizing fiber keeps water vapor from sticking
More comfortable and durable
3D three-layer stereoscopic structure
Enhanced protection by fully observing the face
Super elastic antibacterial fiber for long lasting wearfully
Bacteria Filtration Efficiency
BFE >98.8%
BFE refers to the ability of the mask to filter bacterial particles. The higher the value, the higher the filtering effect. Surgical masks require a minimum of 95% BFE.  If a mask has a BFE value > 95%, it can effectively filter bacteria and block droplets.
Our 3D Ultrafiltration Mask US NELSON test report is BFE> 98.2% Taiwan Textile Research Institute TTRI's test report based on CNS14774 standard is BFE> 98.8%
Particle Filtration Efficiency
PFE >99%
PFE refers to the ability of the mask to filter airborne particles. The higher the value, the higher the filtering effect. Surgical masks require a minimum of 95% PFE.  If a mask has a PFE value > 95%, it can effectively filter airborne particles.
Our 3D Ultrafiltration Mask Japan's KAKEN test report is 0.1μm PFE> 99%
Taiwan Textile Research Institute TTRI's protective efficacy test report according to CNS14774 standard is 0.075μm PFE> 86.7%
Virus Filtration Efficiency
VFE >99%
VFE refers to the value of whether a mask can filter viruses. The higher the value, the higher the filtering effect. The virus filtration testing standards and instruments of each country are different, so the test results of the same product in each country are not the same.
Our 3D Ultrafiltration Mask
Taiwan Textile Research Institute TTRI's protective efficacy test report according to ASTM F2101-2019 modified standard is 3μm VFE> 99%

3D Ultrafiltration Mask 0.1μm

Seamless fit
Unlike traditional masks, our mask wraps around the face with no gaps.
Three-layer protection
The three-layer BFE & PFE >98% barrierblocks droplets, pathogens, and dust.
Deodorant fiber

Moisture from a user’s breathe will attach to traditional masks causing them to have a unpleasant odor. In contrast, our mask uses a deodorant fiber which can effectively suppress the odor leading to extended use time.
Three-dimensional structure
Comfortable and safe

The breathable three-dimensional structure prevents staining and can also maintain a certain temperature and humidity, and helps to prevent dry mouth.
Elastic earband
Comfortable experience

Uses a soft, US-patented elastic non-woven fabric to keep your ears from hurting after extended use.
International Certification
Safe and secure

NELSON, KAKEN, TTRI safety assessment inspection certified. Taiwan manufacturing quality assurance.
Size difference
The main purpose of wearing masks is to prevent infection. Please choose a size that will fit your face tightly.
L:General adult
M:Small face Female & Teenager
S:Children over 6 years old

The filtering effect of masks depends on the particle size being filtered COVID-19 particles are spherical and have a diameter of about 0.125μm (micrometers).

The virus is usually transmitted by small particles such as droplets (produced by breathing, talking sneezing, and coughing) and dust.

Published data indicate that sneezing can produce up to 40,000 droplets with diameters between 0.5 and 12 microns.

Bacteria size and unit

General bacteria size: 1-10μm Rickettsia is also a bacterium, about 0.3-1 μm General virus size: 20-200nm (0.02-0.2μm) Unit, 1nm = 0.001μm. So the size compliance is: dust> dust> fine dust> bacteria> rickettsia> virus. Biological common units: μm, micrometer, pronounced as micro-meter, is a negative 6th square meter of 10, which is generally used to describe the size of cells, bacteria, or organelles. nm, nanometer, pronounced as nano-meter, is a negative 9th meter of 10, generally speaking the size of the virus. The two are exactly 1000 times worse So, 1m = 100 cm = 1,000mm = 1,000,000μm = 1,000,000,000 nm

3D Ultrafiltration Mask Product Features and Features

Product and function description: Form: 3D three-layer integrated molding

Outer layer: Water-repellent non-woven fabric, moisture and mist infiltration Filter layer: melt-blown filter, nonwoven fabric for electrostatic treatment, technology fiber membrane and block 0.075μm fine particles Inner layer: skin-friendly non-woven fabric, soft Uses: Effectively filter, pollen, droplets, bacteria and other airborne particles Features: super protection, super breathable, super thin, and super comfortable Tested by Taiwan TTRI USA NELSON and Japan KAKEN. Feature of product: Bacterial Filtration Effect (BFE)> 98.8% (TTRI) (NELSON) Protection efficiency Filtered airborne particles (PFE) A method 0.1μm > 99% (KAKEN), B method 0.075μm particles > 86.7% (TTRI) This mask uses a patented non-woven fabric material without adding elastic glue. Elastic non-woven fabric is pulled back by the memory of fiber positioning. It is characterized by 200% stretchability. It is the perfect material for masks. The all-in-one full-texture coverage can fit snugly and tightly cover the nose and mouth. The achieves a reliable filtering and protection effect. U.S. patented non-sticky elastic non-woven 3D integrated mask features: Soft and comfortable stretch elastic earband. The 3D air chamber design of the nose wing is stretchable, soft, and fully breathable. The most effective filter for dust particles and droplets. No latex, PU rubber, or fluorescent agents, and can be completely recycled and completely burned without generating toxic gas.

This product is disposable and should not be used for an extended period of time. You can usually remove dirt and sweat by washing the the area with water and then wiping dry. Never use alcohol for cleaning and disinfection. Keep away from fire and keep dry to avoid bacterial growth.


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